GOODS, Curators: Liz Hagag and Joshua Simon at MOBY Museum

by Guy Yanai | 07.12.13

Goods goods goods.  Stuff, we love stuff.  More than we love trees.  Driving around with my two young children I realize how important the world of commodities is.  How ingrained it is in us.  We will be driving and my little girl will scream out at something that I can barely notice, then I see, oh yes, Dora, or a movie poster, or a logo for chocolates, or anything.  The thing is that usually these are tiny minuscule little logos.  These to them are more important the the topographical surroundings, maybe even more important than the weather!

And speaking about goods now in 2013, who is not obsessed with online purchasing? Is there anything better? You purchase, than you have your tracking number, then you can see, Germany, Turkey, finally Tel Aviv!, the the best: on vehicle for delivery!

So how can we reconcile this with the art we make? How can we as conscious humans deal with this?  Giotto, the Greeks, even Cezanne didnt have Nike.  Liz Hagag and Joshua Simon (who is also the new museum director) have put together a refreshing and challenging show with artists from Europe, the states, and of course from Israel.


Jennifer Abessira, Yaron Attar, Iftach Ayali, Eden Bannet, Tzvi Ben Aretz, Boyan and Gad Zukin, Christopher Chiappa, Dror Daum, Harald Thys and Jos de Gruyter, Anne de Vries, , Maayan Elyakim, Tamar Ettun, Sharon Fadida, Lali Fruheling, Assaf Gruber, Tsahi Hacmon, Fahed Halabi, Tamar Hirshfeld, Judith Kakon, Ronit Keret, Efrat Kedem, Tamir Liechtenberg, Amit Levinger, Eran Nave, Hila Toony Navok, Lee Nevo, Roula Partheniou, Mor Shallit, Ishai Shapira Kalter, Malki Tesler, Shay-Lee Uziel, Lior Waterman, Roni Weiss, B. Wurtz, Noa Yafe, Shai Yehezkelli

“I love the machine for peeling potatoes / And the machine for slicing bread / The two water containers with the wheels / The room for storing crates / I love the kitchen in its wholeness

/ Including the pallet board…”

From: Aharon Shabtai, Kibbutz, 1973

MoBY, Museum of Bat Yam, 6 Struma Street, Bat Yam
(All photos are by Lena Gomon)

jenJennifer Abessira

anne Anne de Vries

christopherChristopher Chiappa

edenEden Bannet

yaron attar Yaron Attar

yishaiIshai Shapira Kalter

qZ0yHYfIp1us32ZYtS0p6VnHUQJ0Yt3-HBRc1rH434ANoa Yafe




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