TAL R, SAIL AWAY, at Stadlische Galerie Wolfsburg

by Guy Yanai | 04.08.13

Sail Away is one of the many many solo shows that Tal R has done in the past few years. One can’t ever be sure, but last I counted since 2011 he has shown in Berlin, London, Oslo, NYC, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Vienna, Aarhus, Dusseldorf, and I know I’m missing a few. This prolific almost insane output of seemingly unlimited energy, is awe inspiring and immensely motivating.

What captivates me here is a sort of congregation of allot of Tal R’s different output. While in past few years, Tal R has been showing mainly paintings painted with pigment directly mixed into rabbit skin glue and painted onto unprimed linen, this show is a big architectural construction of drawings, sculptures, paintings, and prints.

The show itself is based on an expedition that Daniel Richter and Tal R went on with some scientists, some north pole kind of thing, for a few weeks on a ship. This real experience based show is kind of beyond cognition for me, because its about this devious devious simplicity; just to work with whats around you, what captivates you. I don’t want to say anything about this show really, except that it excites the fuck out of me, and moves me where most “art” doesn’t.

Sail Away is on view till November 24, 2013, at Stadlische Galerie Wolfsburg.


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