by Guy Yanai | 23.07.13

Brian Alfred’s hands seem to be in many pies. Primarily a painter, his projects also include animations, murals, and a fashion based enterprise. This multi-headed modus operandi captures the textures of our times; as a holistic, natural, and free approach to real creativity. In a logical 1 + 1 way, working like this might seem counter-productive, but I feel its the exact opposite. Alfred’s maneuvering thru different mediums and processes refines and clarifies his vision. It asks his questions more clearly; human vs digital? emotional vs static? frozen vs liquid? His recent show here in Tel Aviv was simply fantastic.

Having showed extensively at Mary Boone and Haunch of Vennsion, Brian is now a co-founder (with Jason Irwin) of Woodpoint & Kingsland. A fashion label that works closely with artists from all over the world. Recently they had a pop up store at Artware on NY’s Bowery of unique artist edition skateboards. Brian promises that they will have the best collection of artists of custom boards in the world. Not really far from it when you look at the list they already have. Woodpoint & Kingsland will be at Capsule in Vegas and Art Miami in the upcoming months.

Some recent work, a mural for Rag & Bone, and shots from Brian’s studio:


the latest

Sump Pumped Sentiments, curated by Matt Phillips, @ TSA NY

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David Adika, As In Water Face Reflects Face at Braverman gallery

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