Lived and Laughed and Loved and Left II

by Guy Yanai | 14.06.13

LIVED AND LAUGHED AND LOVED AND LEFT ( my upcoming solo exhibition )

at La Montagne Gallery 

opens on June 20, 2013

June 20 – August 28, La Montagne Gallery, 555 E. 2nd Street / South Boston, Ma 02127

Yanai’s paintings produce a system of tensions that, despite their inherent incompatibility, still insist on lodging side by side. His gaze wanders back and forth, moving between a micro- and macro-vision, a zooming-in and a zooming-out, with these aspects merged together in a way that a single tennis shoe looks remarkably like mountain. The wild is mixed with the domesticated, and a boat sailing in an open sea may seem as artificial as the grass of a soccer field. Imagery derived from private and public realms are also mixed together, and as both are subject to the same painterly regime, they both emit the same sense of alienation and closeness. Foreign places which the artist has never been to are given to the same gaze as the potted plant he had bought for the entryway of the building he had once lived in.

(excerpt from Hila Cohen Schneiderman’s text about the show)

Turin on Tel Aviv

Italy Losing

Drive In

Swing Set



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